Artist Profile : Micheline Abrahamson (aka Mich)

Born in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Australia in 1988, Mich is as an abstract artist.

Deciding to return to painting in 2000, Mich explores her memories and emotions of her birth land Africa. Inspired by the time spent on the coast of Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Southern Africa, Micheline is drawn to the wild, rawness of the colours and it’s people.

Her interpretations are seen through her strong choice of textures and the use of a unique process of colours, a strong characteristic in all her works.

Micheline’s well known and welcomed Tapestry works, found in many a private collection, rekindle her multifaceted past. Experiences of people, cities and travel – the tapestries are a story, inviting the viewer to travel though its hues and texture, reliving the journey.

Strong experimentation with acrylics and oils, Mich achieves a sense of harmony and balance in all her works. Rich in colour and surface structure manipulation, her inimitable approach to painting has lead her to do many exhibitions.