All the paintings shown on my website, except for those under the heading "currently for sale", have been sold. If you would like to purchase a painting from me, I will be happy to have you commission me to paint one especially for you.

The process is as follows:

  1. Select a painting from my portfolio that is closest to the ideal painting that you would like.
  2. Set out in writing how you would like your painting to differ from the one that you have selected.
  3. Work out the size in millimetres that you would like your painting to be.
  4. Either phone or Email Methe above information together with your name, contact phone number and the address the painting is to be delivered to.
  5. Once I have all the above information, I will work out the price and will phone or email the quotation and the approximate time it will take me to finish your painting.
  6. If the price is acceptable, you will be required to pay a 20% deposit and on receipt of the deposit I will start painting.
  7. Once or twice during the creative process, I will email you a picture for your comments.
  8. On completion, I will ask you to view the painting in my studio or if that’s not possible, I will email you a picture for final approval.
  9. The completed painting will be delivered to your address and you will be invoiced for the balance of the amount quoted.

I look forward to painting for you!